Home Chef Meal Delivery Kit Review

There are a few companies offering meal kit delivery. They are in the news a bit at the moment, with the best-known provider of such a service, Blue Apron, being in a bit of a legal pickle. It’s an ideal time for competitors to try and capture some of the market share that Blue Apron may well lose considering their current negative press. A great alternative on the other hand is Home Chef. I’ll be honest, I was incredibly skeptical of such a service. I live in New York City: it’s not difficult to find a store selling well-priced fresh food.

At the same time, to get the best deals on grocery shopping, you need to buy in bulk. Well, in my household, it’s just me and my fiancée in an apartment. We simply don’t have room for bulk buying to save dollars.

My pet peeve is the amount of food waste. The average American wastes one third of food per year. When you consider the amount of people who could really use that food, that’s shameful. But, in saying that, when I end up buying a bunch of cilantro, it’s not the sort of thing you can donate to a food back when it starts to wither, and you know you won’t use it. 

The Solution


Home Chef provide you with the right amount of ingredients to prepare your meal. There isn’t any food provided to waste – everything gets used.

That makes me feel a lot better.

I’m also a bit of a nut when it comes to space management, so I when I have food coming from Home Chef on a set day, I know I need to make sure I have room in my pantry and refrigerator. Again, it’s easy to know what’s coming, because, well, you’ve ordered it!

In their “How It Works” section of their website, they highlight sustainability throughout as a selling point, but I had to do some digging elsewhere to find out exactly what this meant.

In terms of their vendors, they only work with those who are also committed to sustainability, and who look after their staff well. Any excess food in preparing the boxes they deliver to you are sent to charities to feed those in need – which as I said earlier, is one of the main sticklers for me in buying from the supermarket.

And finally, in getting to you, they package it in insulated and recycled materials as much as possible.

Home delivery and fresh food, and the convenience and health benefits of combining those, are put front and center of their marketing and sales efforts, it’s not the biggest pull for me. My nearest supermarket is a thirty second walk, and has an outstanding selection of well-priced fresh food, so those aren’t selling points that resonate with me.

Because of what I do, I’m aware that none of my meals will ever look as appetizing as the picture that accompanies any recipe, whether it’s from a book, the internet, or a service like Home Chef!


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